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tv   Eyewitness News 4  ABC  March 15, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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marco rubio for your actions. mike manzoni has been looking into a big problem. polling places actually ran out of ballots, several day. >> reporter: i spoke with the orange county election supervisor now and he is waiting on a call back from the government to see if he approves the request you mentioned to extend the affective polling locations tonight but about one hour. look behind me at the orange county supervisor of elections office and you can see the people standing to vote. this is not usually a polling location but it is today because so many people had so many problems. taking you back to when it started this morning after polls open, they ran out of ballots in locations in apopka, belisle, mailing, ocoee, windermere and winter park. officials say it has to do with the numbers getting mixed up when they sent out orders to printers. locations -- all locations in
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than they were supposed to pick we are hearing it was both gop and democratic ballots but they verified it was coming in but never counted the balance -- ballots to make sure they had enough. voters were not happy at all. >> they said no ballots so i've been waiting for 45 minutes and still no ballots. i have to get to work. hopefully i get to vote today. >> we heard that from people taking a lot of luck at a line of voters waiting to cast their ballot at the supervisor of elections office in orange county. this is not usually a polling place. i had to open it up because of the problems that they have had today. we are in touch with the elections office and we will stay in touch throughout the next hour to see if they hear back from the governor's office on that request to extend the hours. i talked with the orange county election supervisor within the
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they will do for the people who say they cannot make it in time. i will have his answer going through the interview for tonight at 5:00. live in orange county, mike manzoni, channel 9 eyewitness news >> brevard county is making different reason. voting officials say they have actually had a record primary turnout. today. than 72,000 absentee ballots the county has collected. the candidate who has the most at stake is u. s. senator. marco rubio. jorge estevez continuing the election team coverage from miami were supporters are hoping it will pull off the win, a video -- of victory bugliosi to be confident about until last night folks despite holding last-minute rallies in florida including tonight, senator. marco rubio has failed to get traction even though he did not -- even though he's the donald trump report on it if trailing
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>> 11 months ago yesterday announced for president of u. s. from the building. >> reporter: his run for about -- for the president maybe facing the final day spreading about. marc caputo for political florida comer -- covering the campaign. >> he fell on his face and new hampshire in a tight rope to walk, no path and slipped and could not afford the heiress. >> reporter: despite his missteps throughout the campaign, the west palm beach last night, rubio was talking like the eventual republican nominee. >> on my face day in office i'm going to repeal every single one of barack obama's unconstitutional executive orders. >> in the end, the senator joked about appealing to all voters when he said he could root for any college team, not just the gators. >> i need everyone's votes so will fill in the blank.. >> reporter: he held the final rally not too far from here in west miami two -- where he grew up as a possible court where he said he played as a kid. a cuban-american kid hoping to achieve a piece of the american dream.
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mobile does take florida. jorge estevez, channel 9, eyewitness news. sprint mobile's principal me to florida and elsewhere has been gop from runoff donald trump. >> he's been known throughout the campaign for his unapologetic attitude. christopher heath continues team coverage and palm beach where he will speak live on sensor station wrdq tv 27 me this evening of people are showing up to see donald. >> there are two think donald trump can do with the win florida, first essentially knocking marco rubio out of the race and second continuing to distance himself from ted cruz by picking up of all of florida's 99 delegates that a polling is accurate, donald trump is in for a big night in florida. an average of polls show a man -- had by 81 litigation weather races and today trump on twitter going after ohio governor. john kasich. the last two weeks where he mentions marco rubio, 13 hours ago.
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are expecting a landslide win thing florida will serve as a coronation for the republican front-runner. >> the truth of the matter is it is a phenomenon what is happening here with donald trump is he is getting so much momentum and is so popular of course i decided to paint a portrait. >> reporter: it's not just delegates, it's the real test of the stock trump movement. groups have pumped $16 million into attack ads against donald trump in florida in the last several weeks. tonight we will find out if the west palm beach, christopher news. >> across the aisle with democrats front-runner hillary clinton will march results from west palm beach and she was in north carolina to rally voters end of the primaries also today. we have a crew of the palm beach convention center to gauge the excitement and expectations from the clinton camp. putting together their live report now and will have that for you in a few moments. after eyewitness news at 6:00 life team coverage of
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decide the primary one is continues at 7:00 check it out on your phone and website, and if you cannot join us we will be on wrdq db 27 at 8:00. and at 10:00, here on channel 9. you will not miss what happens during the critical election. seven hours for you. following breaking news out of orange county where the university of central florida has just received the green light to build the new campus in downtown orlando. earlier today, governor. rick scott approved the state million for the campus. working to get reaction from the university right now and next half hour. if you are headed to the polls this afternoon you may stand in line and the hot sun it is hot. chief certified meteorologist tom terry is watching -- tracking rising temperatures records. >> very close and daytona. may tie it today, 90 point -- and we're close to breaking records.
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may tie it today, 90.7 is the hottest today at the station and downtown. 87 and orlando, 89 the high today and sun out in full force. holopaw, 93. 90 in celebration, tracking fires, multiple fires across central florida and one here i counted over number six back up to 8 they are burning throughout florida. we need rain updating when it arrives. we saw number eight fires burning on the radar including this wildfire skywitness 9 flew over along state road 528 near industry rd. in brevard county the firefighters say a burn was pretty close to nearby businesses and firefighters say they were able to contain the fire so no businesses were damaged. state troopers believe alcohol helped to cause another daily wrong way crash on i 4 orange county. >> they are becoming frequented troopers tout field sutton a taxi driver was killed along with the wrong way driver
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near sam lake road. troopers also tell you they found alcohol in the suspect's car. >> reporter: it was a bottle of hennessy inside, a dark, honda minivan. the car was going this way against traffic going that way. on the far side of the highway that is the driver accused of killing an innocent taxi driver. the cab was crashed into a twisted mess when eyewitness this morning. first responders almost immediately realized they were too late to save the man behind the wheel. 39-year-old harold for brief, fhp says the driver was sobered -- over and investigated leave he did nothing wrong they have a different take a 44-year-old commenting those behind the wheel of this minivan. >> we located a bottle of hennessy and the van drivers front right seat so we suspect
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driver going the wrong way. with the way for toxicology. that's one of the biggest reasons people drive the wrong way. >> reporter: fhp is trying to figure out where clemente got on the interstate and how he ended up going the wrong direction. >> we received one phone call about a wrong way driver but within seconds, the crash occurred as the van struck westbound taxicab driving in the left lane. >> investigators are waiting on the results of an autopsy and are talking to witnesses as they remind drivers, especially late-night drivers to keep their eyes open. >> reporter: -- >> if you see headlights get off the road as soon as possible if they are coming for you. >> the family i spoke with this afternoon says the cab driver leaves behind a wife and child and they say they are not sure what to do next. going to the other drivers record and i will let you know what i find this afternoon on eyewitness news at 5 mac. like, field sutton, channel 9 eyewitness news. >> this afternoon the victim in a shooting outside downtown orlando club back home but members tell us he is unable to walk.
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ryland herbert outside the vintage nightclub. we sat beside him in the hospital after the shooting where he described the terrifying experience. the other man in jail waiting for arraignment. lapd says it's investigating and i found on the former state of o.j. simpson. police received a knife earlier this much -- month which they say could be the murder weapon used to kill symptoms ex-wife and her friend in 1994. claims the knife was inconsistent with the one they believed was using the murders but detectives say friends have not been completed. the largest mcdonald and orlando and the restaurant was packed with customers wanting more than fries and a big mac. skywitness 9 flew over the mickie d's along i drive and the iconic restaurant originally opened 4 decades ago closing in december for an expansion. on top of the regular menu, this mcdonald's offers customizable sandwiches,
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other favorites. we are staying on top of the latest developments a central florida decides who will be the next president. >> ahead of 4:00, white winning florida could change clinton's campaign for the rest of the race to the white house. investigators at a man pistol whipped and kidnapped from a home in this neighborhood had to be rescued following a wild police chase. >> this is a new neighborhood so i'm shocked anything would happen. >> how the chase came to an end. in addition to heat and fires, we have fog off the west coast which could move inland. updating more changes on the way. double check your bags of your traveling through orlando international airport in the coming weeks.
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polling location at the clermont city line -- center. folks wondering in. we told you about issues in orange county but so far it has been smooth sailing in lake center. we will keep an eye on all of the center florida counties, polling locations and bring you updates at the next seven hours. 7:00. the governor. may extend an orange county because of issues earlier we will have the latest from the governor coming up at eyewitness news. ocoee police are sharing more about the wild scene played out in west orange county. a home invasion led to a kidnapping and two car crashes. investigators believe the suspect mercedes suv ran a red light while trying to elude police on colonial drive. they t-boned another car. jeff deal is live a few blocks from where the home invasion started.
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>> reporter: the victims were partying and they got here around 4:00 in the morning. they live in the townhome behind where you see the black park -- car parked. men were inside possibly ransacking the home at the time and the tide of the victims, pistol whipped one and stole his car and took him for a ride in his own car. this mingled mercedes and crushed nissan shut down these bound colonial drive in northbound good homes road early this morning. >> i cannot believe that. i can't believe. >> reporter: police say they started with a home invasion in a townhome on a low hide the court. two men partying at a strip club returned home with a young woman and inside the home five or six men were waiting. they stole cash at least one handgun and an ar-15 assault rifle. >> the houses ransacked and they are looking for money and could have been looking for drugs. >> one victim pistol whipped and kidnapped in his own car
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the silver mercedes the winter garden officer spotted it after ocoee police called out a description once the officer started following the fhp says mercedes driver ran a red light and t-boned the small nissan. the driver of the smaller call has to be rushed to ormc. another suv came through and collided with the winter garden post -- patrol car. no one was injured in the crash and police say the home invasion victims work in a tax office and known to carry cash and the class suv they found amount of drugs. >> this is a new neighbors that i'm shocked ending with here. >> reporter: the man kidnapped was later released and his car was recovered by police but so far, the suspects have not been caught. live in ocoa, jeff deal, channel 9 eyewitness news . folks traveling through orlando international airport to get to spring break
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us passengers bringing too many illegal items with them as -- is becoming a common occurrence. looking at stuff confiscated so far. officials say they found three loaded guns, last week, travelers flew in and out of oia for spring break. they even came across a hand grenade. >> we see a lot of things, last week for instance we actually had a live grenade, smoke grenade company checked baggage. >> officials say they expect 70,000 people per day to come through security lines. face up to $11,000 in fines and possible arrest for bringing prohibited items to the airport a live grenade to experiment sent to the international station the next week. researchers are showing on experiments which will study the properties of soil found on asteroids, comets and the moon. it joins other experiments on a spacecraft set to launch from cape canaveral air force station next tuesday.
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it live on channel 9 and wftv .com. k-9 officers will have more protection while on duty going forward. nonprofit k-9 wounded heroes donating custom-built the best to yogi and max. the director says k-9 officers are not usually in line for those situations but it's better to have the best and not use them than to not have them in case of emergency someone may shoot at the dogs but now they are protected. two k-9 is expected to raise -- receive the best pure i like the picture. >> tom, i have a question. we have many days in the 90s do they count? >> absolutely. >> we can count them off the total. >> this is unofficial. this is on top of the station. 90 degrees, 9.7 pick we rounded
4:20 pm
there's a right way, wrong way and the way i do it. >> 119 days left. >> one 115-114 -- 120. it is not. 90.3 outside the station unofficial but officially it is hot. i do not care the number. 87 degrees at the international airport, 89 is a high today. we came in at 88 degrees, 1 degree scheiber record and melbourne. 88 daytona, 91 july, 80 debary, pearson, 86. some may be controlled burns prescribed burns but a lot of smoke showing up on early warning doppler nine. showing you the high fire threat and if you are getting smoked a report merritt island, pork at all, that was coming from and sell the one i too, in
4:21 pm
even smoke across the swamp. into clermont tonight. high fire threat, through thursday we have a chance for rain by friday. we need some. something else we watch, the air is dry but we are getting sea fog developing off the coast of tampa and that may work its way inland to western zones later tonight it makes him a small, about issues and polk county a few years back along i 4. baldwin park temperatures with patchy fog cooling into the 60s and kissimmee, st. cloud, harmony, temperatures in the middle 60s. warm-up tomorrow and tomorrow a trifecta of upper 80s to near 90. orange county was he a couple scattered 94 lake buena vista and bithlo with winds 5-15 and warm, mid to upper 80s in brevard county and volusia county, 89 to near 90 deltona and hot weather along the beaches highs tomorrow near 90
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early as friday and i will have more updating future track in the next 20 minutes. five-day forecast where the weekend is always in view. we need rain as early as thursday and we kicked into high ranges is also a big change in temperatures. a big change on the way. spring break in daytona beach is packed with beach- goers. >> coming up, only eyewitness news go behind the wheel to show you how beach safety officers are cracking down on parties that get out of hand. a warning about jobs that could be lost. florida film commissions as lawmakers throughout the critical incentive for the milk -- film industry. what could it cost local schools. orange county father captured how many drivers illegally ignore stop signs on the side of school buses.
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buying a snow blower in miami. so why waste your money on instead, for just three you can get one of our best 6-inch subs, every day of the week. it's the three-dollar sub of the day. subway. fresh is what we do. after surviving multiple hurricanes many have seen how helpful emergency preparedness and disaster relief programs can be for committees. the washington federal lawmakers consider whether to
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justin gray spoke with mayors and emergency officials from cities across the country who are speaking out against cuts. >> reporter: one bomb teams rush and after the boston marathon bombs exploded in 2013 they were lighted on training from the urban area security and it is -- and it is -- initiative. president obama is proposing cutting by nearly 50 percent in 2017 budget. >> the cut is actually implemented and will affect the work we are doing and try to protect the homeland. >> reporter: orlando police chief travel to washington to tell them how critical he believes funding is big city budgets are strained by added anti-terrorism responsibilities. >> we really are subsidizing the federal government. >> reporter: george's head emergency management testifying it could mean he have to make cuts to urban search and rescue teams and k k9 units. >> and to have some of those cuts that would adversely impact some of that critical infrastructure is concerning.
4:27 pm
the white house, spokeswoman says cities have been spending grant money slowly. there is a big enough balance in the fund to meet demand. the white house also says it is proposing adding new preparedness grants to committees so they can apply for and a way to offset losses. live in washington, justin gray, channel 9 eyewitness news. cakewalk police officer recorded throwing a woman to the ground -- cake -- what made her the most upset. >> voters say elected officials in orlando need limits on how long it can serve. what they did during the primary to get you to vote on issues. a couple hours from polls closing in florida but on top of the latest developments in the primaries. next wife laura could be a game
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you have watched debates and heard countless campaign speeches and it comes down to today. we have explained why florida is do or die for gop candidates but new this hour, we will explain how florida could change the game on the democratic side, too. >> in the right place to get up to speed on what is at stake. a team of reporters are updating your life for the next 6.5 hours on what candidates at your local polls. >> buckled in. when it comes to clinton, polls sanders by double digits in florida. michael lopardi continues team coverage with what changes if she wins tonight here. florida tonight. there is a huge media presence at the convention ctr., west palm beach. when clinton takes the stage behind us tonight she holds the larger.
4:32 pm
big win tonight a florida polls are accurate. the make it -- democrats were proportionally so it's not just by who wins but by how much clinton leading sanders and a big win in florida can make the gap difficult to close even if sanders wins another state. former secretary of state got an early grounding opening field august -- offices across the state but sanders has enthusiasm energizing voters meaning he could stay in the condemn performed better than sanders is understand among latino voters in the question is can she solidify her path of the nomination or are we in for longer race. south florida is a stronghold for democrats but a lot of attention on republican race this year, so we will look at voter turnout for both parties to see how the impact is in the elections for west palm beach, michael lopardi, channel 9 eyewitness news. spent governor. rick scott once again refused to endorse any presidential candidate and says it's because
4:33 pm
>> picking candidates and they wanted me to get out of the race and called on me from the scene around the state and i stayed and relied on voters and i'm doing the same thing this year, i will wait and watch what voters decide. >> he prayed donald trump but stop short of an endorsement. looking live at a many polling place across central florida, in clermont, lee county where officials say they have encountered no problems. that is not the same story in orange county where supervisor of elections is asked the governor to extend the voting hours because polling places ran out of balance, someday pick working to find out whether the governor has made a decision and will update you at 5:00 peer hope it does not become an issue. >> hope it's not an issue at some orlando polling places voters made by groups pushing for a new ballot measure in florida. >> it wants to limit the number of consecutive year city officials can serve and members to help angela jacobs why they
4:34 pm
>> if you want a signed first term limits. >> reporter: a busy who morning for polling precincts. >> at two different stocks, we found members of a dozen of orlando collecting signatures to set term limits for orlando city officials. >> if they cannot get it done after eight years, they should find another job. we would like to open it up to everybody and that is what democracy is about. >> reporter: voters tell us they did not realize limits did not already exist. >> --. >> i came up nationally but not locally. >> reporter: while there, 70 percent who voted stopped to sign support. >> and to know you cannot buy that guy because he is. >>.connections. >> website. >> reporter: getting 15,000 signatures means even if the commission reject the idea, the supervisor of elections will still be required to put it on the ballot. >> would you want to buy yourself from your own job? >> there's not a lot of
4:35 pm
benefits they get. >> reporter: in the impulses as the concept is simple, what is good for the presidency and orange county should come to orlando. >> it's a good idea. i think there needs to be turnover and new ideas and new thoughts. >> george washington had it right when he said i do not terms. the people did not want a king, they want an elected official and that is the feeling. >> reporter: angela jacobs, channel 9 eyewitness news . signatures represents the percentage of the number of people who voted in the last general election. after eyewitness news at central florida helping to decide winners continues at 7:00 on if you cannot join us then we 27 at 8:00. at 10:00, on channel 9, so you will not miss one minute of critical election. cell phone video of a cape coral police officer tossing a
4:36 pm
an internal investigation. the woman was recorded line length on the ground and she says when someone called out the officer on his actions, he said that she was faking this. take another look at the video. it happened sunday in the parking lot of a bar in cape coral. investigators say the officer was trying to break up a fight and that is when you see 23- year-old brittany fails, she is thrown to the ground admits she was drunk and was asking for nothing justified how the officer handled her in the situation. >> if there is anything that makes me mad about the entire video, it's not being thrown on the ground that it is how he nonchalantly, oh, my god, give old -- get over it. >> she was arrested for public intoxication but filed an excessive force complaint. cape coral police department will not release the name of the officer but they said he is internal investigation.
4:37 pm
mills -- bill nelson on capitol hill behind the wheel of a self- driving car. he's inside the vehicle. he is the top democrat on the senate transportation committee which organized the test drive. the committee held a hearing on the future of self driving cars, senator. nelson says he enjoyed the ride but also panicked a bit when the tesla approached a concrete wall. a former florida treasure hunter turned fugitive will not get out of jail anytime soon. a judge ordered tommy thompson to stay in jail. he's known for finding $50 million worth of gold in the ss central america, 19 7 street ship arrested last year in boca raton after investigators say he took money from investors who funded the hunt but never gave them a share of the profit. court since december for refusing to respond to a plea deal. writing on the wall for the more than 2000 people in orlando make income from the film industry. >> from tax break incentives expired last week meeting a pool of money to lure
4:38 pm
gone by the summer. jamie holmes found out where much of the business is not going. >> reporter: orlando is literally booming in the 90s when the old city hall was grown up for legal weapon free and the explosion of what was once hollywood east fort film has imploded. last week florida's program offered tax breaks for hollywood to shoot an orlando was not approved by the legislature. john locke's bounce ideas a production company in orlando working on both off until movies and he says without that break, the work has not count. >> it has not been about the studios and the a-list celebrities but it's about the people that live here and pay taxes here and have homes here and kids they go to school here. >> according to the florida film commission the state law $650 million in income from films that were not shot here. much of that involves hotel and restaurant revenue that supports the crew. orlando lost out on movies like 99 homes an entire movie about the foreclosure crisis in orlando.
4:39 pm
the majority of orlando's film talent is packed up and headed for hundred miles north to george. the peach state office tax breaks and makes 6 million last year from films. and man, the walking dead all shot there. >> it is a business of businesses are going to go where they are supported and wanted. >> to add insult to injury, he says there are 30 schools a tax money in the state that offer film programs but those graduates do not stay here. >> taxpaying dyers are going to the colleges and universities to help students get educated in the industry, only to graduate and literally take the diploma and move up to george. so we're educating the workforce of georgia now. >> jamie holmes, channel 9 eyewitness news. critics have renewed the tax credits claim florida's weather and no income tax hollywood. to see of -- a list of movies in central florida go to /slideshows. >> across the street for the implosion.
4:40 pm
>> they had one take. centers for disease control released guidelines they say will help slow a deadly prescription drug epidemic in the u. s. after the guidelines are for doctors who prescribed oxycontin. he recommends doctors give patients alternative medicine like ibuprofen and physical therapy for chronic pain and the patient's need opioid drugs, as was a doctor should prescribe the lowest dosage and monitor them closely. with it. people are really only to talk about their own addiction or someone in the family was an addiction. unfortunately we have seen that counts klein every year when it comes to overdosing. >> the cdc says there has been enough pain prescriptions written 2013 for every adult to have a bottle of pills. the guidelines are voluntary. orange county's harrowing task force met yesterday and came up with nearly 40 recommendations on how to stop the growing drug problem.
4:41 pm
higher bond for dealers and better access to overdose medicine and education for families. businesses, school officials and local agencies on how to spot and deal with heroin abuse. the county is trying to figure out how to pay for it all. a woman says the hillsborough county deputy lost his life to save hers. >> it that had not occurred when the officer rushed around to me. >> what he did to stop a wrong way crash.dash driver. near perfect beach weather today. how long we keep it around and when rain moves back and here going on patrol with beach city officers as a crackdown on
4:42 pm
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live coverage of the primary here's a look at the polling places and central florida. this is in lake county at the city center were no problems have been reported that as we mentioned that is not the case in orange county, dozens of voters were turned away because raises ran out ballots. we're waiting to see if the governor will extend the voting hours to make up for the issue. stocks mix on wall street as oil prices continue to fall, doubt up 22 point nasdaq down 21. s&p 500 three point 3.2 daytona beach, a few braving the waters. some are relaxing on the shoreline. steve barrett went on patrol with beach safety officers dealing with larger than normal crowds. joining spring breakers they are cracking down on underage drinking mostly. >> reporter: and drinking on
4:46 pm
here and there's a big crowd, more than last year. significantly larger. plenty of spring breakers and also plenty of law enforcement. today we rode along as beach safety officers kept a keen eye out for anything illegal. >> they are not allowed here. it is a $50 fine. >> reporter: from the monday too dangerous in an area where crowds often get drunk and out of control. >> we had one of our female lifeguards driving in a tv and some guy try to hop on and kiss her and grabbed her and it was her. arrested. >> reporter: alcohol violations are most cases met with the some visitors are truly ignorant to the law. >> you know right away if they know or do not know. especially by the way they hide alcohol when you approach them. >> hey, guys.
4:47 pm
and arrestable offense. >> reporter: spring breakers from kentucky had no idea and they only get warnings but are forced to dump out all beer. today the same scene plays out every few hundred yards. >> officers know the earlier in the day the issue warnings, the safer the beach will be later. i'm putting together more of the ride along for one hour from now with tourism numbers and you will find out what officers do when the spring breaker gives them a fake name. live in daytona beach, steve news. >> tell your friends and family about the crowds and alcohol crackdown, share this post from the wftv facebook page. hillsboro it county deputy lost his life try to save a woman from a wrong way driver. sarah greene says she was driving and the westbound lanes of the expressway saturday when toward her. she says before she could pull
4:48 pm
ultimate sacrifice and drove his cruiser in the path of the wrong way driver. >> this man put himself in front of us as a human shield, absolutely. he definitely -- he saw what was going on. >> the wrong way driver was also pronounced dead at the scene and hillsboro county sheriff's office is running toxicology tests on the driver to see if he was under the influence. tomorrow neighbors will voice opinions on a plan to build a mosque in windermere. we told you last week a landowner wants to build a 6900 ft.2 mosque on lakefront property outside of kings point. folks who live there are concerned about the traffic and noise and a meeting will be at -- held sunset park elementary tomorrow at 6 pm. >> i need aloe vera concessions at the beach. >> a lot of young man -- light-
4:49 pm
you will be burning in a minute. 70 degrees average in orlando, hitting 89 making it a 2 for tuesday, 88, 89 yesterday daytona beach shy of the record, melbourne just shy of a record, beautiful shot daytona beach, 88 now west-northwest flow offshore trend with blowing against the cooler water sea breeze the marine layer, the to get to getting hot along the coast. 89 degrees in cocoa beach and also melbourne beach in the upper 80s as well. westerly flow and we are looking at smoke from fires, several across central florida. down to port st. john, getting smoked through here and smoke reported in the albedo area and smoke trailing downwind toward palm bay, melbourne. sea breeze coming through, this will likely pile up smoke on top of melbourne and watching smoke to the west which could be rolling in toward the
4:50 pm
overall, the next couple of days high birthrate and these are locations of various fires. we need rain and we have some untapped for you, jumping to that. -- on tap for you. early warning future track, fog developing along the west coast, sea fog rolling in by daybreak in the morning, that and fires may hold more of an issue for you. working on graphics for 5:00. relatively dry tomorrow, thursday, could see widely scattered showers in the sea breeze hours, cannot believe we're talking about zebra -- sea breeze downpours in march. scattered rain along the east coast. 20 maybe 30 percent weak front stalls north, friday to saturday a better chance for showers working in from the north. rain chances are going up for the end of the week especially friday, saturday that is the 40
4:51 pm
orlando late patchy fog, tonight. upper 80s daytona tomorrow. 86-89 degrees, water temperatures cool and that is average. unlike chop, low risk for rip currents. five-day forecast, spf 30, rain chances going up. eastern zones and better rain coverage friday and saturday. more on where the smoke and fog could combine in the morning coming up at 5:00. all new at five, government watchdog group says hundreds of green cards are sent to the wrong people. officials say it could take years to fix the system causing the mix up. new video shows car after car passing a local school bus out. when deputies say they will do to catch drivers who ignore the signs and for students at risk. reaction to breaking news at ucf getting state money to
4:52 pm
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breaking, university of central florida received good news. governor. rick scott approved the state budget giving the green light for the new campus in downtown orlando. ty russell is live at ucf. he spoke with officials about the exciting decision. >> reporter: vanessa, i talked to the provost inside the administration building and he tells me leaders can move forward with selecting a contractor to turn the plane into a reality. ucf downtown will be home to more than 7000 students. the campus will have classes for digital media, and public service and today ucf leaders have eyes on a new conference -- news conference from
4:56 pm
scott when they learn the governor intends to sign the budget that will give ucf the $20 million needed to build the new campus. provost tells me $20 million from the state not only helps the nation's second largest university expand, but in a much needed life into downtown orlando. >> downtown campus is going to be a game changer and not only for students but an economic engine as well. >> we asked about groundbreaking. leaders believe it will be sometime next year but they are planning to have the new academic building completed by fall 2018. light on the campus of ucf, ty russell, channel 9 eyewitness news . >> thousands of floridians casting ballots in the primary election but at the top of the hour we told you several orange county polling places ran out of ballots. working to find out how officials are making it for -- making up for the shortest.
4:57 pm
only one affected by the problem -- problem the mayoral race is expected as well. alarming video recorded by ugh. i really shouldn't. no, you know what? i should. and i will.
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turnout for florida's primary is reaching record levels. we found precincts throughout orange county that were not prepared with much ballots, causing lines and forcing some folks to walk away without casting a vote. >> they're not coming back. >> we've been monitoring the polling sites across central florida, and asking officials
5:00 pm
>> we're still waiting to find out if the governor is going to extend voting hours tonight in orange county. all the frontrunners are in south florida tonight waiting for results. and we have a team of reporters there with him. we begin in orange county with mike manzoni. many of the polling places, some voters can't believe this is happening now in 2016. >> reporter: they were very, very angry. they're still angry because some of them have still within the past 60 minutes, i found out all of the 52 affected poling locations, that they now should have enough ballots for anyone behind me at elections officer, where they opened up a polling location to accommodate some of the people, they're still waiting on the


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